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Essential Materials for Yeast Genomics Research

Here are some introductory materials for those who want to start working with yeast S.c:

  1. Getting started with yeast (Review)

  2. Budding Yeast for Budding Geneticists: A Primer on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Model System (Review)

  3. An Introduction to Saccharomyces cerevisiae  (Video)

  4. Yeast Maintenance (Video)

  5. Yeast Reproduction (Video)

  6. Yeast Transformation and Cloning (Video)

  7. Isolating Nucleic Acids from Yeast (Video)

  8. GENOME OF THE MONTH: Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Graphics)

  9. Andrew Murray - Part 1: Yeast Sex: An Introduction (Video)

  10. Andrew Murray - Part 2: How to shmoo and find a mate (Video)

  11. Jay Keasling: Engineering Microbes to Solve Global Challenges (Video)

Below are three great resources for getting familiar with DNA/RNA sequencing data analysis:

  1. Lockdown learning bioinformatics-along  by Simon Cockell

  2. DIY.transcriptomics

  3. Get R Done by Chad C. Williams

Academic Writing

In order for scientists to present their finding as efficiently as possible, they should be able to communicate well. These materials/course would be extraordinarily helpful for improving academic writing skills:

  1. "Writing in the Sciences" lectured by Professor Kristin Sainani is an amazing course available on coursera

  2. Take a look at and you'd find many essays providing you with writing tips and techniques

  3. You also can subscribe on David Perell's website to receive writing tips via email or follow him on Twitter

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